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Hair Transplant In Turkey | Max Number OF Grafts | Safe 100%

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Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair Transplant In Turkey, Istanbul

Many people think that baldness is not as embarrassing for men as it is for women! But in the matter of fact it is not like that, as the statistics confirm the opposite.

Perhaps the reason for this is that the majority of people who have hair loss are young men, and most of them have genotypes of baldness.

Of every 100 men in the world, at least 20 suffer from a pattern of hair loss or baldness, so this phenomenon has been an important field for scientists, intensifying research that has struggled to find the most appropriate, suitable and safest solutions, to end the suffering.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinic

What is hair transplant for men?

In the past people relied on wigs or natural recipes to solve the problem of hair loss, but most of these traditional methods were impractical and did not produce any results, as well as wigs were subjected to many embarrassing situations.

The same with treatments that claiming to help restore hair, although most of them have no role but to keep the hair as it is, to prevent anymore lose. In addition, these treatments needed to be sustained throughout the lifetime, and only start to give any results after long times.

Since the 1980s, the idea of the hair transplant start to get more and more popular. Doctors came up with an idea of extracting the appropriate hair follicles from the healthy areas of the patient’s scalp and replanting them in areas with baldness according to certain criteria, helping them to grow again. And covering bald areas.

Since then to this day hair transplant for men has spread widely around the world, and considered the ideal treatment and the best to save time and money for thousands of people, also we’ve witnessed development and qualitative in the medical techniques of the surgical methods, equipment and recovery period required after the completion of procedure, as well as cosmetic results the patient one gets.

Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair Transplant Techniques For Men

For its first days, the FUT technology was deployed and used by most doctors around the world to perform the operation. This technology is still used to this day with some improvements, although it caused some problems for patients.

First of all it needs a long recovery period, Secondly, the resulting wound may leave a scar visible in the head after the completion of the results, where the idea is to take a slice of the scalp from the back of the head, or what is known as donor areas, and then extract the appropriate follicles for cultivation, and prepare the target areas for transplanting these follicles.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinicLater FUE hair transplantation, known as picking, emerged as a major breakthrough, on the basis of which all the advanced techniques and methods now being used in men’s hair transplantation were built.

The idea is to pick the hair follicles from the donor areas one by one, which made the wounds resulting from the operation not exist and cannot be seen completely, and doctors can leave the appropriate space between the extracted follicles so that this procedure does not affect the density of hair, in addition, the patient can have his normal life very easily immediately after the operation.

These days some other techniques have emerged to the filed, based on the same main idea of picking hair follicles. Some of these techniques are based on special surgical methods such as the OSL (Oblique Simi-Lateral) developed by the Istanbul Clinic, and some rely on developed surgical tools, such as Choi Pens.

How To Perform Hair Transplant Procedure For Men Surgically

Before the procedure, patients get the consult, where the patient takes the required tests, discusses with the specialist doctor about the condition, such as the causes of hair loss and how to get the best treatment, and the expected results after the completion of the surgery, according to an organized schedule, the patient shows the results he wants to get, and the doctor shows the most possible results to get, so that the final results are compatible with the patient’s desire.

Patients get prepared by drawing the front hair line according to the expected look, and the patients will get a local anesthesia, dressed the suitable outfit for the operating room. In some cases, some people with a sensitive scalp are anesthetized in two stages, where the doctor puts anesthetic cream before giving the patient needles for anesthesia for the operation, because the nature of his skin does not bear the pain of acupuncture.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinicIn the first session of hair transplantation for men, the doctor sees the most suitable donor areas, and the appropriate bulbs for the nature of the targeted areas, and picks them according to specific criteria where leaves the appropriate distances between the extracted follicles, so as not to affect the density or appearance of hair in these areas.

Depending on the technique used in the process, the following steps differ, since it is traditional to open and process the receiving channels of the bulbs, and then plant or transfer the bulbs to these channels. In the technique of Pens Choi hair transplant for men, bulbs get implanted directly without the need to open the channels and processing.

Between the two sessions of surgery, the patient is given time to rest and having a little snack, and then leave the center or clinic immediately after the surgery, as the modern techniques used have made the need for follow-up and stay under care completely not called for, except in special cases, and for other health reasons nothing to do with the surgery itself.

Suitable Cases For Hair Transplantation

Doctors are usually advised not to have hair transplants before the age of 20, and perhaps even more so in some cases, so that the doctor can determine the pattern of baldness experienced by the patient accurately, and to be assured that the donor areas have reached the final stage of growth.

Hair transplants are suitable for men with a wide range of different conditions, such as hereditary alopecia patterns, alopecia, and hair loss due to accidents and burns. In some cases of, surgery can be used to treat the problem in a short time.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinicFor those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes or blood pressure disease (Also known as hypertension) and other, hair transplantation can be done after consulting the doctor with all the details of the situation, and to be sure about the drugs that are taken, running the necessary tests to take all precautions with specific instructions before the procedure in order not to expose the patient to any problems or complications of any kind.

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Beard And Mustache Transplant

One of the problems facing many men around the world now is the beard or mustache gaps, or lack of growth in the first place. While the common fashion of beard and mustache hair is widespread among young people, this problem is for a large group is a barrier not allowing them to get the appearance they want.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinicMany people also see beard and mustache as a sign of masculinity, favored by many women, as well as the distinctive appearance that has become loved for many different styles around the world, we find some of the most famous public figures, Argentine football player Lionel Messi, for example, is one of people who got fascinated by this style.

Beard and mustache hair transplantation is now quite easy, and with the same techniques known as hair transplantation in general, with techniques such as Choi Pens favored in this procedure, the doctor selects the most suitable donor areas, which are often on the sides of the head, to give a natural appearance and a perfect result.

Based on the statistics of operations performed at the Istanbul Clinic Center in Istanbul, we can claim that the number of beard and mustache transplants is about half of the total number of hair transplants for men in general, especially young men who likes to follow the latest styles.

Let’s point out that the transplantation of chin hair and mustache need a skilled doctor with long experience, because it deals with the most affecting the appearance of the people in general, the face, in addition to the nature of hypersensitivity to the skin of these areas in the first place.

After Hair Transplant For Men

We have already mentioned that after the process is complete, the patient can leave the center or clinic right away, without the need of any medical care, but there are a number of instructions and advices for the patient must follow in order not to lead of any change of the results or failure.

There are also some creams and drugs that the doctor might describe to help overcome the early stages of recovery after the surgery very easily and without exposure to any pain or other problems, the patient should follow the instructions prescribed by the doctor, but such treatments are not needed for long time, within short time everything will be stable and patient can act completely normally.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinic

It is expected that the transplanted hair will begin to fall within three to six months after the procedure, which is a natural and widespread symptoms, caused by the hair growth cycle. After this stage ends the final hair begins to appear, and patient can get any style wants after only one year after.

Sometimes, with cases with advanced hair loss patterns, doctors must apply a two-stage hair transplant procedure, where bald areas are large and cannot be covered in a single surgery. The situation of donor areas shall be taken under very careful consideration before initiating the second step. Before taking any step, or make a judgment on the results of the first operation.

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Watch This Video

Hair transplant results for men

Hair transplantation for men is one of the most cosmetic, but surgical, operations in general, with success rates exceeding 95%. The scientific breakthrough in this area has contributed to reducing the rates of error, and obtain a natural and beautiful appearance of the transplanted hair, but it depends entirely on the efficiency and experience of the doctor who perform to surgery.

Among the most famous countries in the world in the field of hair transplantation, we find Turkey at the forefront of the scene, where thousands of similar operations are carried out annually, as it contains a group of the most competent medical expertise and cadres in the world, in addition to high competitiveness, where in Istanbul alone Over 300 certified hair restoration centers and clinics.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinic

But the popularity of hair transplant surgery for men has made many non-specialists and quick-profit seekers to establish unauthorized places and receive patients for surgery, which led to many problems, some of which may exceed problems related to the aesthetic aspect. Your only guarantee for a successful hair transplant is the reliability of your center or clinic, as well as the accreditation, skill and the experience of your doctor.

We at the Istanbul Clinic Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul have performed more than 5,000 successful operations. Our doctors are one of the best in this field around the world, with more than 25 years of experience.

Important Tips

Before you make the decision to perform the procedure you should make sure of several things, as before you should have taken enough time in the search, and see more information about the centers, and compare them in order to get the final results you are looking for, and of course if you intend to get the surgery abroad you have to check all the details of your stay, transportations, etc., so that you don’t have to make a lot of effort before the surgery, which doctors recommends.

Hair Transplant In Turkey - istanbul clinic

There are some tips on the quality of the center and the eligibility of the doctor to perform surgery for you, some of the most important of these tips are the following:

  • The hair transplant center or clinic must be accredited and equipped with all necessary equipment. Some countries, such as Turkey, consider the hair transplant procedure outside the equipped operating room a crime.
  • Be sure about the level of cleanliness and sterilization of the place.
  • Communicate with the Ministry of Health to find out if the doctor who will perform the surgery is an authorized doctor or not.
  • Communicate with some of the previous patinas with a similar situations to check the results, preferably if he is close to know the facts.
  • If your doctor is a member of the International Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons Worldwide (ISHER), you are guaranteed to have at least five years of experience in addition to other standards of competence.
  • You have to make sure the level of follow-up you will get after the procedure of hair transplantation for men, as many centers neglect this aspect, which exposes patients to many problems.

We at the Istanbul Clinic in Istanbul, we always stay in touch with our patients throughout the first year after surgery and perhaps longer, at least twice a month, and receive questions and inquiries continues throughout the week and at any time of the day.

Istanbul Clinic

One of the first centers in Turkey specialized in treating men problems using the latest technology in the world, our treatments are carried out in the best Turkish hospitals and the most luxurious areas in Istanbul, and because we care about the quality of treatment at the Istanbul Clinic Center, we allocate the best medical staff in the field.

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